If you see it, you can hit it!
custom rifle
Targets do not have to be at 100 yards. Come out and play, way out! One thousand yards, maybe a mile. There is a little Billy Dixon and Matthew Quigley in all of us! With the proper rifle and sights (and a little practice) we can all be marksman at 1,000 yards and beyond.

I have always been fascinated with long range shooting. As a teenager I stretched a .22 rifle beyond what most people shoot a high power, because that is all we had. It taught me to shoot, it taught me to read the wind, and it taught me to guess-ta-mate the range.

At Beyond 1,000 we build l-o-n-g range rifles. We set up the caliber and the rifle's components to meet your shooting needs. Whether it is a black powder cartridge or modern caliber, we can build the rifle of your dreams. What ever your shooting sport, we will build the weapon you need to compete successfully, or take that trophy of a lifetime.

We are a Class II Manufacture and can handle your Class III weapons and devices as well.

** Beyond 1,000 does not condone shooting at game animals at long distances. Common sense is still the most important shooting skill.**
Custom Weapons
(These are a few of weapons we have put together to the
specifications and needs of our customers.)

Speak Softly
custom weapons
  • Remington Model 7
  • .223 Rem. suppressed, stainless steel
  • Pac Nor barrel
  • Remington stock
    $1,250.00 Plus $200.00 One time Federal tax on Suppressor

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